What chandeliers can do for your next event!

Chandeliers can be used to make a bold and elegant statement at any event. Hanging chandeliers can add depth and elegance to any raw space especially in a tented event. We can suspend chandeliers from virtually anywhere to create a stunning and beautiful lighting option. Adding chandeliers to any event will create an overall stylish appeal that is sure to impress anyone!

The hanging crystal chandeliers are perfect for any occasion. They can be hung in a space where glamour and glitz are essential. The chandelier is made up of hanging crystal strands with a white light illuminating the inside of the chandelier or lighting can be projected onto these chandeliers to change their color.

This five layer beaded chandelier is larger in size and is composed of short and long crystal strands. Special lighting can be projected at the event causing these chandeliers to change color and truly enhance its sparkle.

This antique crystal chandelier has candle lights and crystals that are hung from the bottom. The small detail of this chandelier adds to the overall elegance and grace of this lighting fixture.

This chandelier is a similar style to the one above. Consisting of a black wrought iron frame with white candle lights and large hanging crystals, this chandelier is perfect for an event where black is incorporated and can match any desired theme.

This mirror tile chandelier is unique in style and shape. It is composed of small mirror tile reflecting squares all strung together varying in length and size. The color of the chandelier can be altered to fit your color scheme and are great for outdoor parties to add a special summer flare!